Raheleh Minoosh Zomorodinia

  • Silver Town Society 2021
  • Sensation III 2016
  • Resist 2016
  • the Sacred Square 2016
  • Integration with Nature 2010
  • Ocean After Nature 2016
  • Destruction of Nature, Destruction of the Human being. Maranjab, Iran 2008 Maranjab, Iran 2008
  • It's Hot/ I'm Hot 2015
  • A week Living Art- 2014
  • Performance, cooking Shole Zard 2015
  • Frames, Isfahan, Talab-e-Gavkhoni, Iran 2008

Deeply informed by my cultural background, religion, and politics, my work investigates the concept of “Self”, particularly how the “Self” relates to the environment. Borrowing from ritual and nature, sometimes infusing humor, I integrate contradictory concepts into pieces that visualize struggles of the “Self”. Recently I employed walking as a catalyst for my sculptures, which reference nomadic lifestyles, as well as colonialism. These subjects interest me due to the rising costs of housing in the Bay Area, and displacement as an immigrant from Iran. I record the routes of my walks with a mapping application to transform the resulting graphics into three dimensional objects. I use photography and video to document distinct moments of time spent within each space, and to reflect my emotional, psychological and subconscious experiences inspired by nature. I envision these forms as representations of virtual space where “living” takes place in my mind.

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