Big Daddy’s Garden Featured in Smithsonian Gardens

The Smithsonian Gardens has invited
Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden to join its Community of Gardens!

Big Daddy’s story and new photos of the garden are featured on the Smithsonian’s website. They are one of the few west coast gardens listed so far. Check it out and visit a some other great organic community gardens too.


About Big Daddy’s Garden

Vickie Jo Sowell, sculptor and garden manager
When the abandoned gas station that had been owned by our long-time neighbor Big Daddy Green burned down, the City asked us what should be done on the site. Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden is the result, the name a riff on Mr. Green’s original business.

The garden provides two dozen raised-bed gardening boxes to community members within close distance in Emeryville and Oakland. Leave us a note to inquire about vacancies. There is a small fee charged, primarily for watering.