Call for Art and Artful Science Exhibit submissions

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Date: June 16, 2014 — August 11, 2014
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Dear Water Users:

Wholly H2O is pleased to announce a Call for Art and Artful Science Exhibit submissions for our September 2014 show, What River Are You Made Of? Tuolumne Inside Out.  Following the great success of our first show, Standing with the Watershed, we have been invited by the Capital One Bank Cafe in downtown San Francisco to flood their three floors of cafe and co-working space with exhibits about the Tuolumne River, source of tap water for 3 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This amazing river and its riparian watershed is largely unknown by name to it’s users. To change that, we want to get inside the Tuolumne River circulating through the Bay Area. Therefore our categories are molecular, infrastructure and end uses.

Wholly H2O is determined to link water users with their water sources, knowing that this connection is leading people to conserve the river coming out their taps, and reuse it as much as possible, also drawing on sources like rainwater and graywater. Whether in a drought or not, our water supplies, and their sensitive ecosystems, are worth knowing and repsecting with appropriate use.

Let’s make water conservation and reuse the hip and sexy thing to do in California.