CONVERGENCE//DIVERGENCE A worldwide roundtable symposium about Water issues

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Date: April 12, 2012 — December 09, 2012
Categories: Seminars & Workshops
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A worldwide roundtable symposium about Water issues

10 am – 1 pm, PST

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to attend online, please click here

to attend on site: Room 109 (next to gallery), Library Building, Los Medanos College

This symposium will showcase projects by artists, scientists and activists participating in simultaneous discussion on the internet on Waterwheel’s Tap and on location at Los Medanos College Community (Room 109) in California. This global conversation is part of the CONVERGENCE//DIVERGENCE exhibition organized by WEAD (Women’s Environmental Artist Directory), Waterwheel and Los Medanos College Gallery.



– Suzon Fuks — Curator and Waterwheel co-founder (remotely)

– Lauren Elder — Collaborative Work with LMC Science Class & LMC Professor Mitch  Schweickert

– Artists Formerly Known as Women — LA (remotely)

– Sonja Van Kerkhoff — Water Takes Form

– Deanna Pindell — Eco-Art Remediation in the Watershed (remotely)

– Christina Bertea — Ghost of Sturgeons Past—Skin of Our Ancestors

– Enid Baxter — Not Just a Pretty Picture, The Synergy between Art & Science  (remotely)

– Jane Ingram Allen — California Delta Rivers (remotely)


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Audience will need a standard web browser with the Flash player plugin* and broadband internet connection.

* To attend the live stream (open already 30 minutes before), please click on this link:

* You can enter a name, your own name or a nickname, in the box at the bottom right of the page

* To comment or ask a question, type into the text input field below the chat window & press the ENTER key

* Ensure you have your computer’s volume turned up (you may wish to use headphones).

If you experience technical difficulties:

* reload the web page

* if that doesn’t work, quit and restart your browser or try another one

* it will not work on iPads or iPhone, as they do not support Flash

* if you are behind a firewall, the port 1935 has to be open for the Tap to work; nor–mally this port is open, but to be sure you can test it following this link:


*The Tap requires the latest Flash Player plugin; most browsers will automatically ask you to update when a new version is released, but if you don’t have the latest version you can download it here

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