Cultivating Hope: Nature, Community and Connection

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Date: June 25, 2014 09:00am — 12:00pm
Categories: Conferences & Lectures
Location: Fred Finch Youth Center, 3800 Coolidge Ave, Oakland, CA 94602, USA
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Eleanor Ruckman, MFT, Registered Art Therapist
As a global community, we are challenged to act in ways that support our mutual health and well-being. How do we cultivate hope amidst violence, climate change, institutionalized oppression, and the stress of daily life?
Learn strategies to support the shift from apathy, anxiety and despair into connection, caring, and positive action.
This training offers interactive, experiential, playful and creative arts practices to cultivate awareness of our interdependency and to increase individual and community investment in making change.
Interventions will be practical and fun; easily applicable with a diverse, urban population; and based on research and clinical experience.
Participants will learn:
– Practices to increase awareness of nature, inside and outside of our selves.
– How connecting to nature can repair and build attachment and adaptive functioning.
– Strategies to reduce resistance and increase involvement.
– How neurodiversity and biodiversity contribute to resiliency and health.
– To create art with recycled and found materials to cultivate connection, sustainability and hope.
– About local youth and community development projects integrating art and gardening.
– Planning and safety considerations for outdoor work.
You must register in advance to attend.  To register, please send email to:
If you have questions about the training, please use the same email.