Feb 25: Call for proposals: DRIFT, Art in Nature project in The Netherlands

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Date: April 14, 2024 — February 25, 2012
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Kunstbroedplaats 2012 – DRIFT

Call for proposals

DRIFT is the title of the fourth art in nature project of Rerun Productions Foundation. The Waterloopbos, the former Hydraulic Laboratory in Marknesse, the Netherlands, will host this contemporary spatial art project from May till December 2012. The project invites artists to send proposals which respond to the theme and to focus their idea on the special location of the exhibition, a curious combination of an industrial heritage site and forest.


DRIFT refers to our passion for change, transformation from old to new, from sea to land, from industry to nature, from basic to digital and back again. Drift cannot be directed, it is a primal force. It pushes us in a direction, it brings us something new.
DRIFT invites us to reflect on the impact of transformation; the impact of human interventions in nature, the disappearance of the old world and its replacement by a new one, and the possibilities that arise from that.


The site where DRIFT will be located is an expression in a nutshell of a metamorphosis. The Waterloopbos (Marknesse, The Netherlands) is situated on a ”polder” (land conquered on the sea in the 1930s). It has been a hydraulic laboratory until 2001, where engineers experimented with scale models of harbours and estuaries to solve specific problems with currents, waves and mud flows. Nowadays the half overgrown, partly restored industrial ruins lie scattered in the forest.


Artists are invited to send a concrete proposal for a spatial installation that can survive the conditions on site for at least 7 months (a public forest, the influences of nature). The choice of material is free, if harmless to nature.
Work period: 8 to 18 May 2012
Dismantling of the exhibition: after mid-December 2012

Proposals should contain:
– A project outline and project description (including use of materials and workplan)
– CV and documentation of previous work by the artist

Proposals can be sent only digitally in PDF format (up to 10 A4) to: proposalskunstbroedplaats@gmail.com
Deadline: February 25, 2012
The results of the selection by an expert jury will be announced 1 March.


Fee: 2.000 Euros (including materials)
Travelling costs from abroad: up to 350 €
(Basic) lodging and meals during the construction period.
The artists must be able to carry out their work independently, assistants are welcome.
The organization can only offer limited assistance during the construction period.


Kunstbroedplaats (“Art Breeding Place”) is one of the independent projects initiated by the Dutch Rerun Productions Foundation. Rerun Productions is a small non-profit organization that, from 1987 onwards, highlights cultural and social issues in publications, documentaries and several (art) projects.
DRIFT is the fourth art in nature project, after Broedplaats (2205), Kielzog (2008)
And Out of Space 2010. The projects aim at making connections between art and nature, between art and social issues, and create an accessible platform for contemporary art to reach a wide audience. In addition, the projects are a lively place for meeting and exchange for the participating artists as well as with the passing public during the construction period. Kunstbroedplaats is usually accompanied by additional components such as projects in local schools, a catalogue, a documentary and related exhibitions in the vicinity. The projects attract an average of 30.000 visitors.
Curator for DRIFT: Karin van der Molen.

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