Florida Power Companies Consider Charging Customers for Updating Old Reactors

While I do discuss whether anti nuke art activism can be seen as EcoArt, the most important part of my essay for the WEAD special issue on Atomic Legacy Art is my identification of the art activism groups I think would help make a real impact on shutting down nukes in Florida. At the moment, the Public Service Commission is considering allowing the FL power companies to charge customers up front for the billions it will cost to update/replace aging reactors. We know that none of the “old” energy sources is “clean” and that includes oil, gas, coal AND nuclear. Here in Florida especially, the “sunshine state” after all, we have an opportunity to make the case for cleaner energy. What the earnest anti nuke people in Florida have not been able to figure out yet is how to get the message across. They are adept at their lawsuits and lobbying, but most efforts to do traditional crowds-in-the-streets approaches have failed. What I see as potentially very effective at grabbing and utilizing the media would be a traveling performance anti-nuke, pro clean energy activist art initiative. In my essay, I identify these art groups as most interesting for this purpose: Earth Ambulance, Sisters of Survival, Talk Nukes!, HOT POSSE, Luz Interruptus and The Illuminator. And, of course, the assistance in choreographing such an initiative from the YES LAB. See my essay at: https://directory.weadartists.org/anti-nuke-ecoart


MJ Aagerstoun

EcoArt South Florida, Inc.

West Palm Beach, FL


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  1. Jeanne Janson Jeanne Janson says:

    URGENT: FLORIDA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION TAKING COMMENTS ON SMART METERS (AKA “murder meters”) ONLINE NOW UNTIL SEPT. 30, WHEN THE PUBLIC MEETING IN TALLAHASSEE TAKES PLACE. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (and I think also the World Health Organization) has condemned these radiation-emitting meters, now attached to every meter in FL without your knowledge or permission, as hazardous to all human life. A little search will turn up tons of info on this meeting and the worldwide groundswell of activism to remove all these junk science hazardous meters (not just your home or apt., but the energy radiates long distances from your neighbors’ homes too). Please be aware of how this is affecting developing children, the environmentally challenged and our animal companions. Some counties have succeeded in achieving moratoriums; let your county be the next. Online activism can help much to overcome electrical/EMF/ELF poisons. Please join us!

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