FREEDOM & FLIGHT: Images from San Quentin Prison Arts Project

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Date: January 29, 2015 — March 02, 2015
Categories: Exhibitions & Presentations
Location: The Thoreau Center's China Brotsky Gallery, 1017 Torney Avenue, San Francisco, California, US
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“Birds show up often in prison artwork. They represent freedom, beauty and flight, both imaginary and real.”
This exhibit of birds and other images of freedom developed inside San Quentin’s art studio when we learned of an opportunity to exhibit with Tides, at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability. The focus on nature that working with images of birds provided, and the shared emphasis on social justice, helped create the exhibit.
The San Quentin Prison Arts Project, like all arts in corrections programs, is based in the belief that all people deserve access to the arts and that all people have the potential for growth and change. When institutionalized individuals participate in the arts their self-esteem and outlook on the world is significantly affected. Art workshops teach self-discipline, problem-solving, and concentration. The skills acquired through participation in the arts are translated to many other parts of one’s life.
A beautiful new exhibit of work from San Quentin Prison Arts Project is opening at the Thoreau Center’s China Brotsky Gallery in the SF Presidio.
Come and join us to help celebrate these wonderful images of freedom- including paintings, prints, and a collaborative hand-made cage filled with origami birds, birdsong and more!