The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary Benefit

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The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary, located at the Sacred Garden, birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal, has been an International Crane Foundation refuge for the endangered Sarus Crane for over two decades. When I visited the site in January, alarming development threats were pressing in. The Sarus is sacred, Buddha saved one 2600 years ago, yet today only 100 pairs remain in the area.

Join us in raising funds to create educational signage and conduct community outreach to protect the Sanctuary and demonstrate the intertwined threads of dharma, culture, & conservation. Learn about the Sarus Crane from Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta, the inspiring Theravada monk who has been saving cranes since he was a child in Lumbini. Celebrate the world’s largest flying bird with our Grassroots Basketry from Nepali wetlands and crane art by musicians and visual artists. Eat Momos and Nepali snacks. Sip Masala Chai and apple cider. All are welcome.

This initiative brings together artists, environmentalists, and contemplatives, to protect the majestic Sarus Crane in a cause the Buddha began. All proceeds will go directly to the Sanctuary via Ven. Metteyya’s organization through Anatta World Health & Education Outreach. Larger donations will be tax deductible under Anatta’s 501(c)(3). All donations will be gratefully accepted.

Namaste, Lillian


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