Migrating to the Cloud: 3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Among them are real estate apps, food delivery, fintech, e-learning and other solutions. One of our most prominent cases is Yaza – a cloud-based app for real estate agents. After the app’s launch, you should check how it works, fix bugs, and make updates. Sometimes you will need to create custom updates for particular users or companies. You can also add new features, scale the app, enter new markets, etc.

pitfalls of cloud application development

Cloud migrations fail when companies neglect at least a few issues crucial for the process. Below you have a list of the most common and the most dangerous matters to cover. Moreover, you will also find some advice on how to avoid them. If you compare it to $88.46 billion, which was the valuation of the cloud migration market in 2019, that’s a huge loss for companies. You’ve covered the Cloud app development topic and even offered a tech stack. While the popularity of your app rises, be sure your backend can handle the extra data flow.

Lack of cloud migration strategy

Anything may be supplied as a cloud service wherever and whenever you need it, from apps to business processes. Cloud application development offers significant advantages for small, medium-sized, and big businesses. While some observers claim it is still in its infancy, businesses are under enormous pressure to use pitfalls of cloud application development cloud services once they have a thorough knowledge of the difficulties they present. The move to the cloud has many advantages, but it’s crucial to choose a reliable service provider who can help you make the change and deal with the challenges. Ready to take the plunge and improve your cloud infrastructure?

pitfalls of cloud application development

From creating a private IP address to developing an entire web application on the cloud, we helped IKEA improve its customer onboarding and data accessibility. Appinventiv crafted a customer-centric data analytic platform on the cloud for a leading telecom company. The insights offered by the cloud analytic platform led to 85% in data accessibility, better customer data management and optimization. Few of the tech giants invested in SaaS cloud app development are AWS, Salesforce, Google Apps, Zendesk etc.

A Smart Cloud Strategy Requires a Data-to-Everything Platform

Whenever you provision something, chances are malicious scanners will find your workloads before your own internal scanners built around concurrency do. The answer is all about how you successfully communicate and enforce the importance of this vulnerability to every developer and everyone who works with the cloud. They must understand that whenever provisioning publicly accessible assets, every public IP is at risk and should be carefully reviewed.

  • This Microsoft PowerToys app simplifies the process of visualizing and modifying the contents of the standard Windows Registry file.
  • To make the application development cloud computing process efficient and optimize its work, you need to think out the aspects such as app architecture, service model, and cloud migration.
  • At Dell Technologies World 2023, experts discussed the complexities organizations face when prioritizing technologies and the …
  • Warehouse management, inventory management, receiving, and other functions are among them.
  • Once you have a baseline number of how much storage you use, determine your future needs.

Know that criminals will attack your connected products, and design with that in mind – It’s surprising how many app developers rely on a ‘numbers game’ for protection against hackers. ‘Security through obscurity’ is a risky strategy – it’s never wise to assume you’re not interesting enough for criminals. Design your products with the assumption they will be forensically deconstructed and examined. These include disk type, performance, availability and the possible hidden cost of getting data out of the cloud.

Common Pitfalls with Cloud Adoption and Getting it Right

Make sure your back end can manage the data load in case the app use spikes. Clouds, both private and public, contain an enormous amount of data. For sure, it includes sensitive, private, and confidential information. To make your application development in the cloud a success, you need to make sure your cloud service provides a sufficient level of security and encryption.

pitfalls of cloud application development

Not only can they access important applications on the move if they have access to the internet, but also ensure that security is maintained even under uncontrolled conditions. Let’s see how developing cloud applications can benefit your business app model in the long run. SaaS stands for creating cloud applications using web browsers and mobile apps. SasS lets customers access the applications online without actually having to configure or install them on the device.

. Security and privacy

Migrating to the cloud can help companies improve the customer experience in a number of ways. With on-premises IT resources, support, and maintenance are the obligations of the business itself. This is particularly troublesome for legacy technologies, which become more and more costly and burdensome to maintain as they age. Trying to adapt legacy tech to modern demands while finding personnel with the right niche skill set is often more trouble than it’s worth. Replatforming involves making tweaks and optimizations to IT resources as they migrate from on-premise to the cloud. This approach requires greater technical expertise but can pay off in terms of performance, scalability, and security.

Make sure your migration service provider provides you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, and calculate the cost to profit ratio before taking the dive. Get in Touch with Skilled Cloud Engineers – One cannot stress the importance of talented cloud engineering professionals who have sound knowledge of data migration and how it takes place. Hiring such professional will ensure your cloud migration strategy is in safe hands, and any crisis is dealt with swiftly. Application security beyond authorization has always been an area of concern for users. Due to the state of browsers, your cloud app needs to ensure a critical security factor outside the browser. A cloud host’s full-time job is to monitor data security which is significantly more efficient than a conventional in house system.

What is a Desktop App?

Cloud migration makes cloud computing possible, wherein the cloud performs all the computing that was earlier performed by mobile devices, laptops, or desktops. The benefits of cloud computing are many, as most of the background processing is now conducted at large, secure data centers thereby saving valuable company resources. At the same time, cloud migration challenges are still an important reality that many companies wake up to unless they partner with an experienced service provider. With extensive experience helping clients move to the cloud, KMS is the perfect choice of cloud migration services provider. We’ll help you decide whether your situation is better suited for a single or multi-cloud architecture, or whether to take a cloud-agnostic approach.