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Date: November 01, 2014 — November 15, 2014 11:59pm
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Location: Online, 94102, United States
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Request for existing digital and .net art for North American environmental advocacy organization.

Deadline November 15, 2014

“Earth laughs in flowers” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a time when are facing the reality of climate change. Natures aesthetic has gifted us hue dripped falls and white canvas winters. Artists like Ansel Adams and Andy Goldsworthy have captured the graceful growth of our nation’s forests, countrysides and coasts. We are looking for digital works of art that convey a celebratory message around climate change.

Possible subjects could include or be inspired by: people power, environmental justice, wild salmon, orcas, spirit bears, forests, rivers, wild places, climate change, sustainable energy, rejecting extreme fossil fuels, visions of a sustainable future, connection with the earth. Wit and humor are welcome. Interactive artworks highly encouraged. All artwork must present these topics in a positive light.

What we are looking for

ForestEthics is seeking five Internet-based artworks for our end of year fundraising campaign to “Treetopia.” Artworks can be any of the following digital formats: static image (.jpg, png), animation (GIF, Java, HTML5), 15 sec video (mp4). We are asking for a temporary use license from November 15, 2014 – January 15, 2015 unless otherwise agreed to. Artworks will be exhibited in electronic card format as incentives for the audience to financially contribute and donate to ForestEthics and spread awareness about campaign areas including responsible industry, tarsands, Great Bear rainforest, sustainable forest initiatives and oil by rail. Note: artworks will be viewed on multiple devices PC, mobile, tablet, etc.


If selected compensation includes a $100 USD stipend for static artworks, $200 USD for animated or video artworks. We offer also offer a donation letter for US based artists, for the remaining value of the license to be used for tax purposes. We will also credit all artworks on distribution materials.

How to submit

Send the following in one email or one website link by November 15, 2014 to

Contact info
First and Last Name
Mailing address
City, State, Zip

Description of work or artist statement
Title, date, media (format) for each image
1 – 5 images in any of the following formats (.jpg, .png, mp4, website link)

Selected artworks will be decided by November 20, 2014. Artists will be notified by email.

About ForestEthics

ForestEthics protects North America’s last endangered forests and the communities and wildlife that depend on them. Why? Because forests create fresh air and water, nourish and protect wildlife, and help stabilize our climate.

ForestEthics embraces a vision of the forest that benefits all of us — people who live in the forest, people who make their living from forest materials, people who visit the forest, people who count on the clean air and water – and medicines – that forests provide.

When we see a system falling out of line from our vision — Victoria Secret printing their catalogues on paper made from endangered forests or swaths of Boreal forest being cut down to mine Canada’s tar sands — we say something. We do something. We shine a light on the situation, we find working solutions, we don’t stop until it’s fixed.

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