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Membership Benefits

Why Pay Dues


Membership Benefits

All WEAD membership levels includes the following annual benefits:

  • An artist profile and portfolio on the WEAD Directory 
  • Access to curating and saving your favorite artists in our Lightbox feature. 
  • Access to every other month Meet & Greet where you can meet a Board member and ask questions about WEAD. 
  • Opportunity to apply to WEAD annual membership shows 
  • Monthly Membership Spotlight consideration on our website homepage and socials  
  • Opportunity to submit to the WEAD Magazine Members Artists Portfolio 
  • Access to two art development workshops with Board Members 
  • Opportunity to join a WEAD committee for informal professional development, mentorship, and coaching 
  • Access to four virtual membership Artshares, hosted by a Board Member, where members can share and discuss their work with each other  
  • Subscription to WEAD’s quarterly Members Only Newsletter  
  • Subscription to the public monthly WEAD Newsletter

Buy A Gift Membership

You can sponsor an artist by buying them an Artist Listing in WEAD’s Directory. To do this contact with “Gift Membership” in the subject line. Include the name of the artist you are sponsoring and their email and other contact information. Payment will be worked out either thru Paypal or check. WEAD’s membership office will then send an Invitation to join WEAD to the artist with your email cc’d on it.

Arts Professional vs General Member

Arts Professional membership is for women identified artists, writers, and curators only. Registered Arts Professionals can create a WEAD Directory artist listing which includes uploading 10 photos, an artist statement, video, social media links, and becoming part of the WEAD search engine. Arts Professional memberships also have access to using WEAD’s artist lightbox and receive WEAD’s newsletter.

NOTE FOR Women Arts Professionals: Paying for membership does not automatically ensure that you will be listed in the Directory. Although Listings are not juried, WEAD must review all submissions to ensure that they are not commercial and that they fit under the broad umbrella of our mission statement.

General Membership is for art supporters of all genders. General members get access to newsletter and using WEAD’s lightbox.

Why Pay Dues

From its first 16 years, WEAD did not have members, did not charge members’ dues. On a less-than-shoestring budget, WEAD has produced high quality exhibits, outreach programs, website, and Directory listings. Costs have been underwritten by an all-volunteer hands-on Board through uncountable hours of pro bono labor, writing grants, managing programs, and parlaying the generosity of sporadic donors. Now, given WEAD’s global growth and current economic realities, to continue its mission WEAD must institute a dues system for members.

Your paying membership dues will secure more than WEAD’s monetary sustainability.  Dues expand ownership, involvement, and ensure a healthier cross-fertilization of ideas among members.

When you pay dues, you join a proudly diverse community of activist arts supporters who use art in the service of global ecological and social justice.