Species Encounter: Dive in!

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Date: June 06, 2014 06:00pm — January 01, 1970 12:00am
Categories: Exhibitions & Presentations
Location: subZERO festival, South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113, USA
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Species Encounter is an interactive installation created by Michele Guieu, in which the participation of the public is essential. Visitors are invited to play on a screen with shapes created for the project. Visitors can enjoy the installation from inside (making the shapes move) and/or from outside (watching).

This year Michele Guieu teamed up with Drew Deitweiler, interactive videographer, to take you into a moving ocean of light. Drew created a video projection generated from a series of drawings about water,”Water Dreams”, that Michele have made in the past months and which is on display at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose. The video is projected on the giant shadow theatre.

What will you encounter? You are invited to create your own species/object/hybrid or to use one designed for the project. Watch, interact, participate and play!

“I am interested in having people interact with the pieces I create and add their own elements in my installations, like the black shapes for “Species Encounter”. The energy between people is a key part of this installation. When people interact they create a unique scenario and bring the piece to life. Participative art is a much needed community anchor in the uncertain times we live in, as global environmental problems will eventually force us to unite and find solutions collectively. Water is my subject of choice, “Species Encounter: Dive in!” is about seas and oceans life and I hope the poetry of  the installation help people think more about those vital eco-systems.”
Michele Guieu

This installation is temporary and the material used is reusable. The shapes are made of cardboard and recycled plastic bottles. They can be re-used for another performance or new ones can be made and then recycled.

Species Encounter was first shown at subZERO festival in June 2013, then the installation  was part of the GLOW festival at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz last Fall, was shown during the Innovation Summit at the Convention Center and at the Tech museum for a private event in San Jose in 2014.

(01:43) https://vimeo.com/69039972
(04:33) https://vimeo.com/95817759