Stacy Levy’s ‘Spiral Wetland’


DSCN0564Spiral Wetland is an outdoor eco-art project supported by the Walton Art Center as part of the Artosphere Festival in Fayetteville Arkansas. 

Spiral Wetland is made with native soft rush, Juncus effusus growing 
in a closed cell foam mat  anchored to the lake’s floor. The plants help remove excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from the lake water, and adds shade for fish habitat. Inspired by Spiral Jetty (1970), Robert Smithson’s famous earthwork sited in the Great Salt Lake, Utah. This spiral is a working earthwork, floating on the surface of the lake.

When the installation is taken down in Summer 2014, sections of the wetland will be adopted and transplanted into other wetlands and retention basins in the region, so their benefits can continue in new waters.

photo image:  Robert Ginsburg


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