Standing with the Watershed

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Date: March 05, 2014 — March 16, 2014
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Sarah Anne Graham, 2013


Opening Reception: Saturday, March 15th, 2014; 11am – 4pm

in the heart of the Sierra Nevada at RIM: River in Motion Center

Mountain Sage Cafe and Nursery, 18653 Main St, Groveland, CA 95321 (Map)

Come enjoy storytellers, speakers, the artists, and food and drink from the cafe all throughout the day. And more than anything, come to get to know the watershed,


Dusty Vaughn, Rim Fire, 2013

The focus on the Tuolumne River ecosystem is heightened by the recent events of the Rim Fire that tore through the watershed in and around Yosemite.  This river provides much of Tuolumne County and the City of San Francisco, totally 3 million water users. Wholly H2O has assembled a provocative group of 15 artists working to address the environmental issues surrounding this interrelationship.

Presenting works in a variety of media, the show Standing with the Watershed opens in the RIM: River in Motion Ceneter on Saturday, March 15th. The artists share their interpretations and experiences defined by the nature-urban interface and the dynamic transformative element of wildfire that brings the tension in this relationship to the fore. Both the physicality of the Tuolumne River Watershed and the use of these waters in Tuolumne County and San Francisco are the launching points for all of the artists’ work. Grappling with the dynamic and unpredictable variables of ‘natural disasters’ provokes a corresponding response exhibited in the paintings, photographs and installations on view in the gallery.

Curtis Creek Student, Rim Fire 2013

Curtis Creek Elementary 6th Grade Art, Painting

Catherine Chang, Graphic Design Graphic Design

Elizabeth Dougherty and Ellie Owens, Mixed Media Fountain, photography            

Ariel Saari Galos, Mixed Media                                                          

Kevin Galos, Photography

Sarah Anne Graham, Wood Carving Map

Rebecca Hazeltine, Painting 

Robb Hisrch, Photography

Leslie Hailey Hurst, Oil Painting

John Moore, Oil Painting

Misha Rauchwerger, Photography

Grace Rubenstein, Photography

Dusty Vaughn, Photography


Leslie Hailey Hurst, Rim Fire, 2013

The exhibit aims to expose the energy and vitality of this watershed and water system before, during and after the Rim Fire.  The stories and impressions exhibited use the Fire as a point of reference but extend deeper into the human relationship with this watershed and the causal relationships behind environmental disasters. The show is inspired at times by the tragic beauty of the natural landscape engulfed in flames and its people reeling in the fire’s path and aftermath. Other moments the show draw us in to the urban side of the water system sharing impressions where this water is used by 2.5 million of the urban residents in the Bay Area.

“Standing with the Watershed” at RIM Center offers a new perspective in our series of exhibitions in the space that strive to reinterpret the modern urban condition and redefine our relationship with nature.

The curators for this show are Elizabeth Dougherty, Wholly H2O, together with Lauren Elder, instructor at CCA, WEAD Board of Directors.

Mountain Sage Cafe and Nursery, 18653 Main St, Groveland, CA 95321 (Map)

Gallery hours are open Wed – Mon (Closed Tues) 7am – 2pm.

For more information about the show, please visit: Wholly H2O 

For more information about the show, please contact Elizabeth Dougherty, or visit Wholly H2O