The Fence/La Barda – A Bi-national Art Installation, Performance and Lecture Series Feminist Image Group / Tijuana’s Distrito Diez Gallery

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Date: October 01, 2014 — October 25, 2014
Categories: Conferences & Lectures
Location: Art Produce Gallery, 3139 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104, USA
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The Fence/La Barda

A Bi-national Art Installation, Performance and Lecture Series
Feminist Image Group / Tijuana’s Distrito Diez Gallery
September 1 to October 25

Artist Reception ~ Saturday, September 13th 6-9pm
Artist Reception ~ Saturday, October 11th 6-9pm
The Feminist Image Group (FIG) and Tijuana’s Distrito Diez Gallery are pleased to present “The Fence/La Barda,” an interactive, collaborative installation at Art Produce Gallery.
A fence divides the gallery, cutting the space in half; to get to the other side, artists and guests must travel outside along a path through the Art Produce garden. Participants will interact through and around the fence throughout the installation and exhibition, using objects and performative gestures that reflect the reality of the San Diego/Tijuana Border Region.
“The Fence/La Barda” attempts to demonstrate how women navigate across borders. Spontaneous collaborations between artists of different cultures, conflicts of space and identity, and attempts to transcend barriers will be addressed. The installation will include video, photography, paintings and sculptural objects, as well as book-making, sewing, games and food performances. The gallery space will be in constant flux.
Upcoming “Fence/Barda” Events:
Thursday, September 25th,  6pm ~ METTA with Moya Devine
A contemplative temporal experience of self and other. METTA is a practice of loving kindness and goodwill seeking the happiness and wellbeing of others and intends to overcome all separation and border or boundary of race, ethnicity, nationality, economics or other separate identity.
Thursday, October 2nd, 6pm ~ “Bi-National Exhibitions”
Panel Discussion: Alessandra Moctezuma, Jill Holslin, Anna Stump, Cecilia Navarro, and others.
A panel discussion on the merits and challenges of organizing Bi-National Exhibitions will take place at Art Produce Gallery. “The Fence / La Barda” is the jumping off point for a lively discussion on how and why art exhibitions across borders can and should be organized. Panelists will discuss past exhibitions such as In-Site (US/Mexico) and the “Trade Show” (US/Turkey), as well as specific issues raised by “The Fence / La Barda.”
Saturday, October 11th, 7pm ~ “Art as a Public Safety Intervention in Border Communities
by Gabriela Posada del Real, Tijuana
In 2008, Tijuana designer Gabriela Posada del Real started a group called “Reacciona Tijuana” to “react” and respond to the violence plaguing the region. The idea was to empower local communities through art and architecture inventions near their homes. Today she runs a project that has expanded to cities throughout Mexico.
Saturday, October 18th, 7pm ~ “Occidente Nuevo: Recycled Tijuana”
In six research trips, Minnesotan photographers Laura Migliorino and Anthony Marchetti documented architectural traces in Tijuana of houses that were built and occupied in San Diego and then sold and transported to Tijuana as castaway housing where homeowners recycled these buildings turning houses into homes. Migliorino and Marchetti are also exploring issues of border and community on the US-Canadian border in Minnesota.
Thursday, October 23rd, 6pm ~ Community Engagement “House-building Workshop”
Join local FIG artist Linda Litteral and learn how to make a small house to take home.

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About FIG: 
“The Feminist Image Group (FIG), formed in 2009, is a coalition of visual artists who meet to discuss art, see exhibitions, and support one another in our careers. We work across many media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, digital media and performance.
As artists, we are concerned with how women continue to be portrayed in the Art World. As teachers and feminists, we encourage our students and colleagues to be alert to sexism in its many forms. We promote an inclusive worldview that allows all voices. As friends, we aid each other in our creative and curatorial endeavors.”