Tsvetelina Spiridonova “Save the Oceans”

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Date: April 15, 2024

The concept of the art project “SAVE THE OCEANS” is an exhibition on this topic of about 50 art works and also an open-air art-installation representing enlarged models of dolphins flying over the streets, and between buildings against the backdrop of the blue skies, like a messengers of the forgotten world – trying to provoke thoughts and feelings for the real meaning of life .At the gallery and outside on the street under the installation will be placed boards addressing different environmental problems and giving useful green ideas for implementation in our everyday life.
The image of flying fishes above our heads is kind of surrealistic, but not much in contrast with the real-surrealism of our unsustainable way of living .
Our mission is to open the public eyes to the problems humans cаuse to the environment and it’s own future .
Using the universal language of art we try to catch the audience attention on the intuitive emotional level of perception, and then to invite them to participate and start making a difference from today .We hope the direct emotional and visual message of our art to provoke this pure instinctive response . We want to bring up in mind the realization that the environment is damaged and destroyed not from some imaginary horror asteroid ,but from Ourselves and it’s time to look into our children’s eyes and confess this sin.
It is time to finally take responsibility for what we have done and continue to do .
The goal of the project is to inform, inspire, and compel change .To help every individual to understand the complex interconnections of things ,like
the effects we have thousands of kilometers away, as a result of the things we buy here.
To view our everyday decisions as consumers from a more complex point of view, and ask ourselves: what, why and how much of something we buy. To provoke a new way of thinking with more sensible completeness over any issue and object creating our footprint – any activity, any technology, any product, any decision and goal , just anything in our life.
We need to bear in mind that every product requires energy to produce,mining and resources to create and transport to get it to us.
We want to show the inevitable need of reform to our throw-away-economy with something that has sustainability in mind ?
Today’s ICON-GOAL of existence -“THE ECONOMIC GROWTH” measured by the growth of pure numbers , is old fashion, and much unethical on the background of the environmental and social problems it causes for the future.
We want to inspire a desire for change towards more sustainable and sophisticated society pursuit of which will open to us endless new opportunities for developing fulfilled with better values and giving a real sense to our existence.