Vote for the Turtles in the Chaco Waves for Change Art Contest!

Vote for the Turtles in the Chaco Waves for Change Art Contest!

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“Turtles Swimming in a Plastic Ocean” has been selected as a finalist in an art contest which 
addresses the impact of plastic on our oceans. The Chaco Waves for Change is sending one 
artist on a 5 Gyres discovery expedition through the South Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a 
tremendous opportunity to further develop artwork on plastic by learning directly from the 
people who have done the most research on the impacts of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Please help me achieve this goal by voting for the turtles

Learn – UN Environment Programme
“The Plastic Flow: From Waste to Waves” by Camilla Thiele is an upcoming UNEP article 
which features “Turtles Swimming in a Plastic Ocean”

View – Art from Detritus 
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, 135 Broadway – Brooklyn NY
April 24th – May 29th 2011 – Opening Reception: April 23rd, 4-6pm

These paintings about plastic are a part of a larger series which will ultimately be used 
as an educational tool with the aim of reducing our consumption of single use plastics.
Image: Turtles swimming in a Plastic Ocean – watercolor with collage of melted plastic

Learn more about ocean gyres & plastic pollution at

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