WATERWHEEL Symposium 2013 – World Water Day

On 22-23 March 2013, more than 100 scientists, artists, academics and activists from 5 continents will present their innovative and informative presentations and performances in the second edition of Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium.

The symposium is an exchange between people who are concerned with water issues, for a better sharing of knowledge, perspectives and governance. It aims to raise awareness of and inform a wide audience as well as foster relationships between research, professions and the arts, and partnerships between universities, organizations and society in the field of water and land management.

This 24-hour event will offer audiences a chance to meet and question museum and conference directors, inventors of games for social change, artists from across performing-visual-and new media arts, contemporary thinkers and researchers in water sciences.

It will take place on Waterwheel, an internet platform dedicated to Water http://water-wheel.net, as well as in 7 “nodes”: in Australia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, USA and Argentina. Nodes are physical venues hosting some presenters and screening part of the programme to local audiences.

The symposium is free and accessible to online audiences with just a standard
Internet connection and browser: attending the shows is as easy as clicking a link.
The entire international event has been co-organized by Waterwheel (Brisbane) and the
Research Unit of the Higher Institute of Agronomy of Chott Mariem (IRESA) Sousse University in partnership with La Cité des Sciences of Tunis (Tunisia), Qld College of Arts Griffith University in Brisbane (Australia), the Five Colleges in Massachusetts (USA), the Centre for Experimentation and Research in Electronic Arts (CEIArtE) of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Reci-clarte and IQLab in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

This year’s theme ‘Water Memories & Tomorrow’s Landscapes’ will cross several lines of enquiry: ‘Arts, Science and Technology’ with four topics: temporalities of water and environments; water, environment and society; flooded cities; and new technologies and water governance.

to view the Symposium, open your browser, go to http://water-wheel.net/tap and click the top-most Symposium link.