WEAD l Wells Fargo Green Team Recognition Program 2013

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Date: May 04, 2013 — June 03, 2013
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Location: California
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CONTACT EVENT Entry Deadline: 6/8/13


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The Women Environmental Artists Directory (WEAD) is sponsoring a second competition to commission an award for Wells Fargo’s Green Teams. Wells Fargo’s Social Responsibility group’s Environmental Affairs team wishes to award the equivalent of the Stanley Cup for green initiatives around the company. The award would be given quarterly to one of 45 Green Teams across the country, comprised of Well Fargo employees.

Requirements – the award should be:
• Recognizable as made from trash, refuse
• To be valued as a “precious prize”
• Unique, considered very special, a work of art, unconventional
• Green Team names or stories/context about their projects can be added to the trophy and travel with it
• Maximum size: 18 in. W x 24 in. H x 12 in. D
• Maximum weight: 25 lbs.
• Durable, it should pack and travel well
• Packaging should be reusable and easy to store in an office cubicle
• It will travel 4 times a year across the country
• Align with Wells Fargo’s brand messaging (“working together”, “knows you”), Vision and Values, and Employee Value Proposition (“supports you”, “understands you”) – Download the Wells Fargo – Vision and Values Document. https://www.wellsfargo.com/invest_relations/vision_values/vis_val_dwnld (see the topics “Our Brand,” “Social Responsibility,” “Ethics,” and “Diversity”

Open to all professional ecoartists residing within the United States. We encourage applicants to support WEAD by becoming a member and we invite all women ecoart applicants to consider also applying to be listed on WEAD’s website at http://www.weadartistaward s.org

How to Apply:

1. All applications should be submitted online using the CaFE site at https://www.callforentry.org/register.php Follow the instructions provided on the site regarding file size and information requirements. Submit:
• Maximum of eight images of past work
• Brief written proposal

2. Three finalists will be selected and awarded a $200 honorarium/each to submit a detailed maquette and supporting documentation (such as drawings, diagrams or written descriptions, as appropriate) for the proposed work.

3. The winning artist will be awarded a $2,000 commission to produce and ship/deliver the final artwork/trophy.


â–ª June 3, 2013- Written proposals and images of past work due
â–ª June 17, 2013 – Three Finalists notified
â–ª vJuly 29, 2013 – Detailed maquettes due for selection of winning artist
â–ª August 5, 2013 – Winner notified – 50% of commission funds ($1000) to be awarded
â–ª September 30, 2013- Final artwork due – shipped / delivered by artist
â–ª October 4, 2013 – Review / acceptance
â–ª October 18, 2013 – Balance of commission ($1000) to be paid to artist

Questions? Contact:
Judith Blankman – jabonlinedesign@me.com or
Sharon Siskin – sharon.siskin@goddard.edu

About WEAD:

Focusing on women’s unique perspectives, we collaborate internationally to further the field and understanding of ecological and social justice art.

Website: http://www.weadartists.org

WEAD is a member of Intersection Incubator
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