Adventures in Sustainability, University of Cumbria, UK


A premiere networking event for the sustainability profession in the UK and beyond, “Adventures in Sustainability” is a celebration and call to action.
At the global home and heritage centre of the world’s most famous expeditions, we will hear inspiring stories from explorer and broadcaster Paul Rose, environmental travel writer Kate Rawles, former Faithless band cofounder and 1 Giant Leap producer Jamie Catto, Wild Swimming author Daniel Start, sustainability communications guru Ed Gillespie, and Professor of Sustainability Leadership Jem Bendell. It also offers the chance to tour the exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the 1st ascent of Everest.

It marks the launch of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), part of the University of Cumbria.
“Adventures in Sustainability” responds to an increased awareness of the challenges we face. In the words of the Founder of IFLAS, Professor Jem Bendell:

“During my career most professional environmentalists have sought to be positive, not alarmist. Focus on solutions, not scares. The result has been some big changes in individual firms, communities, or ecosystems. But in the round, it’s produced incremental and largely inconsequential change. Some call on us now to accept the coming disruption. They have a point. Adaptation is key, and doesn’t just mean higher sea walls. Adaptation to climate change must involve adapting our minds also. Otherwise we risk making things worse by holding on to patterns of thought and behaviour that are destructive. The transition will need to be mental, perhaps spiritual. So there needs to be a shift in our thinking about the “environmental challenge.” A shift beyond the dark projections on the one hand or go-green easy nonsense on the other. We need a new spirit of adventure. A very different future is coming, and we have to explore different ways of living, producing, trading, exchanging, consuming. That future won’t just come from new consumer choices or enlightened business. Sadly, it’s going to involve some discomfort and some struggle. It will involve periods where we feel on the edge of our abilities. It will involve stressful times where we discover more about ourselves and each other. That adventure is coming whether we like it or not. If we think ”sustainability” is about maintaining our current way of life we will fail just as if a mountaineer set out equipped for the shopping mall, when they were off to climb Sca Fell. It’s time to name the adventure, and find our expedition teammates – those who will join the necessary journey.”
Could a spirit of adventure lead us toward sustainable living? By attending, you will join the University of Cumbria’s celebration of sustainability exploration, with leading entrepreneurs, explorers, musicians, cyclists, intellectuals and wild swimmers.

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