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Date: January 01, 1970 — April 07, 2013
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EcoArtist Residency at 943 Studio
Application at the Bottom
Deadline April 6th
The Residency program at 943 studio seeks to build a platform for Yunnan artists to
communicate widely on environmental awareness through the invitation of international
artists to Kunming. Together, these artists will discuss and explore eco-art ideas, provide diversified reference and mutual promotion for the local art environment, and create conditions for communication across diverse fields and geographical areas.
Lectures, art presentations, workshops and open studio are some of the forms for broad and deep interactions among artists, students and the public. Since 2010, the program has cooperated with the Zurich Municipal Government, Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation, Dong Xi Gallery in Norway, Loft Jin Ding 1919 art community and TCG
Nordica in Kunming.
Although it may never be understood or felt exactly the same way by any two like minded individuals, ART, much like mathematics, is indeed a universal medium,
particularly when it comes to problem solving. An artist can help illustrate the smallest
details of a complex problem; they can tie together isolated facts, include the random, and convey the “bigger picture” by exploring initial causes, consequences and trends through the creation of their artwork. In sum, artists can offer solutions unlike any figures or formulas.
Art is one of the great tools humanity has developed in terms of addressing danger and
widespread threats. Its primary characteristic is to stimulate the imagination. In each of
its various and vibrant forms – music, dance, film, photography, theater, painting,
sculpture (to name a few) — art is accessible for all. While it may be helpful to fully
appreciate and grasp it, no prior knowledge or education is required for a person to
encounter and experience art. The universal nature of art provides a means for transcending language barriers, assessing conditions, experimenting with reality, and making dreams come true. There’s hardly anyone amongst us who cannot reflect on at least one song, image, passage, poem or film that’s greatly influenced us in some way. Art can have profound effects on how people think and behave; it can touch a person’s soul and it can move the masses.
The EcoArtist Residency program at 943 Studio is designed to encourage and support the creation of art that increases environmental awareness locally and abroad. A
deadline for the program (November 2013 – February 2014) is April 6, 2013, 11:59pm.
Please see below for more details.
1. General facilities of 943 Studio
Our establishment includes a 120m2 Gallery, a 125m2 Comprehensive independent
cultural experience store & cafe, and three private studios. They are located in a loft style creative cultural/industrial community in northwest of Kunming. The community has workshops, restaurants, bars, and a guest hotel.
2. The studios
– Private studios: 25m2 and 5.5m in height.
Two private studios: 16m2
3. Accommodation
We have two fully furnished guest apartments in a residential quarter, a 15 minutes bus
(or 13 minute bicycle) distance from the studio, with convenient access to transportation, supermarket and bank. Each apartment is approximate 80m2, and with two bedrooms.
Apartment includes:
1) one bedroom for each resident artist
2) fully-equipped shared kitchen
3) fully-equipped shared bathroom
4) simple but comfortable furniture
5) purified drinking water
6) washing machine
7) wireless Internet connection (please bring your own laptop)
8) 1 bicycle
9) a local SIM card. Only SIM-card compatible mobile phones function in China (if you
bring your cellphone make sure it is unlocked before arrival).
4. Duration of residency
The length of residency is from November 1 – January 1 (1- 2 months). We recommend a
period of two months as optimal.
5. We offer the following services:
1) Airport pick-up/ transportation to the guest apartment by 943 Studio member.
2) Guide to the police office for registration
3) Information about how to live in Kunming, how to order food, how to use the taxi and
bus system, how to get to know the city, etc.
4) Welcome and farewell dinners.
5) Local guide to help you buy art materials.
6) Opportunities to meet with other artists and visit other studios and local museums.
7) Help with arranging lecture or workshop in art academies (Masters of Art or
equivalent experience required; need to submit the plan 7 months ahead of time and then
confirmed by 943 Studio).
8)How to stay healthy and where you can find western doctors if needed.
9) A bicycle, if needed.
10) Personnel assistance both in artistic preparation and daily living. Interpretation and
orientation assistance for a day can be arranged, but the artist shall provide the day’s
lunch and transportation fare. This type of assistance can be provided no more than 8
11) Wireless Internet in the apartment, Gallery and Store. Assistance with how to call
abroad using IP card.
12) Basic travel information and hotel booking in Yunnan province. Help with ordering
airline tickets within China.
13) Help with the printing of catalogues or postcards (extra service fee will be charged).
6. The AIR program does not financially include solo exhibition arrangement. However,
an exhibition is possible to arrange if the artist sends the proposal in advance. 943 Studio
will provide the cost of poster printing, opening drinks, and promotion of the exhibition.
7. Fee: This program is managed on a non-profit basis by 943 Studio. Participants are
requested to cover costs of accommodation, studio space, administration etc. The
program fee is 6,500RMB/mo for 1 month OR 6,000RMB/mo for 2 months.
1) The fee includes apartment (electricity, water, gas, and Internet access), studio space,
comprehensive Kunming orientation, personnel assistance as described above and
2) The fee does not include personal food, artist’s materials, written translation for
lectures or workshops or any publications.
3) A deposit fee of 50% is due within 30 days of signing the Residency Agreement. The
fee is due in full, paid in cash when you arrive.
8. Grant
Upon selection for the Eco-Artist Residency at 943 Studio, a small grant award by
Greening the Beige (1,000RMB) will be provided to help cover fees; artists are
encouraged to seek further funding/ sponsorship from their own country of origin and/ or other outside sources. 943 Studio is happy to provide official letters of support.
9. How to Apply
1) Send a brief work plan (describing project ideas, how will you plan to work with
local cultural, natural spaces and habitats), pictures of 10 recent artworks (jpg.format or
PDF file), and one A4 page curriculum vitae (CV) to:
2) The artists and curators at 943 Studio will consider all applications and respond as
soon as possible.