Eco Amazons: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World


“We are the caregivers and the protectors of this world. Dorka Keehn so aptly captures this strength of the feminine spirit through the actions of twenty awe-inspiring women who are trailblazing a path for all of us – now and into the future.” – Summer Rayne Oakes

Eco Amazons brings together for the first time the women leading the charge to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all life on earth. Through intimate interviews conducted by journalist Dorka Keehn and arresting images by award winning photographer Colin Finlay, Eco Amazons calls attention to this century’s critical environmental challenges by focusing on the remarkable women developing solutions and guiding us towards a sustainable future. Their efforts demonstrate how individual concern gives rise to passion, how passion leads to action, and how action effects meaningful change—efforts that can be emulated by each and every one of us.

While many of the leaders of the modern environmental movement have consistently been women, most of their names, struggles, and successes have yet to achieve national recognition. A generation ago, conservation held the spotlight; but because of these women, the beam is now shining equally on health and urban issues like clean air and safe drinking water. As the movement has expanded, women continue to spearhead change in new areas of environmental focus such as art, design, economics, and food production.

With a forward by Julia Butterfly Hill—the internationally known activist who lived in a redwood tree she named “Luna” for 738 days to prevent the surrounding forest from being cut down —Eco Amazons brings to light twenty American women who are making a critical difference in all of our lives.


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