Jane Ingram Allen Selected as WEAD Artist in Residence at MOAH Lawrence, CA

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Date: January 20, 2016 — March 16, 2016
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Schedule of Public Programs for Jane Ingram Allen, WEAD Artist in Residency Project in Lancaster at MOAH Cedar Center for the Arts

Feb. 13 – March 13, 2016

Jane’s normal working schedule every day at MOAH Cedar is 8:15 AM to 6PM.

Saturday March 5: Public Program – Site Preparation and Construction of headboard and footboard of the bed for the eco-art quilt, 11AM to 1PM and 3-5PM at the site selected for the Lancaster Eco-Quilt installation.

Saturday March 12: Public Program – Installation of Lancaster Eco-Quilt, 2-4 PM, at the site selected for the Lancaster Eco-Quilt Art.

Announcing the selection of Jane Ingram Allen as the first WEAD (Women Eco-Artists Dialogue) Artist in Residence in cooperation with the Museum of Art & History, Lancaster, CA, from Feb. 12 to March 13, 2016. Jane will be going to Lancaster in southern California, about 1 hour north of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley, to work at the Museum of Art & History’s Cedar Center for the Arts to create a site-specific environmental art installation with local participation during this one month artist in residency.

Jane’s art installation will make use of handmade paper from local plants, seeds for local wildflowers and other natural and biodegradable materials and consist of an “Eco-Art Quilt” that will be sited in a public area (perhaps the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster) and that will evolve over time with the paper quilt dissolving into compost and the wildflower seeds in the pulp sprouting and growing and blooming to make a living blooming bed cover. This installation will be part of the WEAD (www.weadartists.org) program in environmental art cooperating with the Museum of Art & History in Lancaster, CA. The theme for the WEAD group show at MOAH and this residency is “Smaller Footprints” focused on what we can do to prevent more global warming and climate change.

Jane’s planned installation to be created in Lancaster will be somewhat like other projects she has done around the world using seeds in handmade paper and working with nature as a partner to make changing and evolving artworks that contribute to the earth and improve the environment. Here are some photos of an eco-art quilt installation Jane Ingram Allen made in a city park of Sumter, SC in 2003, showing it evolving over about 6 months:

Jane will be looking for local people in the Lancaster area to help with the papermaking from local plants, making the quilt block squares, creating a headboard and footboard for the bed and installing the quilt as well as helping to care for it as it evolves.

Keep checking Jane’s Blog at http://janeingramallen.wordpress.com for more information and photos of her artist in residency project in Lancaster, CA, Feb. 12 to March 13, 2016.