Materials needed- current facts on the health of the Gulf

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Date: July 15, 2024 — May 05, 2012
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Materials needed- current facts on the health of the Gulf: TIME SENSITIVE- PLEASE PARTICIPATE & FORWARD

We need your help with a project about the post-oil spill ecology of the gulf to be shown at a major NYC gallery this spring.

Feldman gallery has offered a solo exhibition opening 5 May (

A big part of the show will focus on the health of the Gulf —with a large-scale installation portraying the fragile Gulf trophic pyramid and video work about “green-washing” versus ecological/ social reality.

This should be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness in New York about what the media is no longer talking about.

To do this I need facts and images from sources I can reference about current Gulf ecology such as:

  • Information/ data from scientific peer-reviewed sources
  • Statistics/ estimated numbers of organisms lost
  • Information about the safety of eating Gulf seafood
  • Estimated current and long-term impacts to Gulf wildlife
  • Estimated economic and social impacts on local (human) communities
  • Photographs of injured wildlife, damaged ecosystems (past and new)
  • More, Etc.!

We need these fast, as all materials need to be in to the video editor in about 3-4 weeks!

So please help if you can and forward to anyone you think could/ would contribute

Also, we are going to set up a info table for viewers to look through materials or have them available in binders—- if you have anything you would like to send please do asap to:
Brandon Ballengée Studio
PO Box 51
New York, NY


please email me @

THANK YOU and looking forward to your response!

Brandon Ballengée, biologist and artist