Rutgers Institute for Women and Art Publishes New Joyce Kozloff Poster

Painter, public artist, and feminist activist Joyce Kozloff ( has collaborated with Rutgers Institute for Women and Art ( to publish After Gerhard Richtera poster based on the German artist Gerhard Richter’s 1988 Survey. Richter’s original print charted the greatest intellects of the world from the earliest times to the present. Nearly every person he named was a Western man. When Kozloff first saw Richter‘s print in 2003, she quickly responded by crossing out the names of the men and collaging women‘s names onto a copy of it to counteract the erasure of women’s contributions to intellectual and cultural history. Kozloff has expanded the project to create this poster, After Gerhard Richter (2011), introducing the names of women who have made significant contributions as philosophers, composers, architects, artists, and writers into Richter’s timeline-like format. Only eight of  the 496 names on Richter‘s original Survey belonged to women. Kozloff retained these eight names, highlighting them on her poster. To fill the numerous remaining slots, the artist and her assistant, Morgan Levy, spent hours researching the history of each profession to uncover the women who were added, building an intellectual herstory. The poster, complete with a listing of the women’s full names and dates on the back, is a powerful work of art that serves as an eye-opening resource.

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