Table Talk with Beth Grossman @ WEAD Sponsored Exhibit

From a series of workshops at InterGEN- Womyn Citizen Artists’ Expression Exhibition.

Beth Grossman’s TABLE TALK at the OAKLAND IMPACT HUB, September 22, 2014


Table Talk* is an ongoing dialogue project using the Golden Rule as a keystone question. Nearly every world religion has a version of the Golden Rule as its primary principle, yet we forget to live by it. What does it mean to “Love your neighbor as yourself?”



If we lived by this ancient tenet, how could our world be changed politically and socially? What would our relationship to our environment be?  How could we re-envision the structure of our community and family lives? What is the Golden Rule you could live by? 

For this  WEAD exhibit, we considered this question: What would our relationship to our environment be if we all lived by the Golden Rule. The Native American version of the Golden Rule provided direction, “We are as much alive as the earth is alive.”

We gathered around two tables. As we were talking and contemplating, we drew and doodled images and made notes on a tablecloth, making a collective work of art and document of our thoughts and discussion.


*  “Table Talks” or intimate dialogs have been published and widely disseminated since the 3rd Century. Notable published table talks include Martin Luther, John Milton, Beethoven, Napoleon, Goethe and George Bernard Shaw. 


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