Call For Art:
WEAD Membership Exhibition

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Date: June 13, 2013 — July 10, 2013
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Entry Deadline: 7/20/13



Must be a member of WEAD to participate. To become a WEAD member, visit:

Submit images of up to 4 artworks available for display. An optional detail for each of the 4 is allowed, thus, up to 8 total images.

This exhibition calls for works of art that engage with anthropogenic climate change. It asks, how do we represent our degrading environment and its accelerating rate of change with images and projects that go beyond romancing nature or mourning the loss of the world as we have known it? How do we convey human responsibility – the source the designation of our epoch as the “anthropocene” – for our changing world, or encourage recognition of that responsibility in direct actions or participatory/communal projects in response to specific environmental challenges?

This call takes a wide purview of pertinent visual culture, from images stimulating contemplation to polemical graphic design and to documentation of pragmatic projects, probably collaborative and interdisciplinary, that aim to ameliorate the effects of environmental degradation in works of ecological functionality. These, applied art and design, being functional, merge with art’s traditional opposite and serve as “utility vehicles” for ecological action. Some outdoor spaces will be available; submit proposals for self-funded site-specific works that directly respond to and reveal the social, historical, or ecological history of the Presidio locale.

The wall space is large but not huge. To accommodate the greatest number of submissions, please submit work that is modest in size, roughly 24 inches long horizontally. If submitting photo documentation of projects, keep those to 8 x 10″. Indoor installations and pedestal sculpture can be submitted, sorry no video submissions. Outdoor works on the Presidio site will be also represented in the gallery with photo documentation. A single statement by the maker(s), described below, will be posted adjacent to your work(s).

Possibly stimulating for background: The Ecological Thought, Harvard, 2012, an accessibly written book by Timothy Morton (Professor of Literature and the Environment, UC Davis).


1. Four works available to be exhibited, each paired with a image of a three to six inch square detail, indicating surface or pattern texture and/or color more precisely than the image of the whole piece. Thus, up to eight images per submission.

2. A BRIEF statement explaining this work’s relation to the exhibition call. For consistency and legibility for gallery viewers, please use this format: Times Roman 12 pt font, one-inch margins, ONE PAGE, double spaced lines preferable, single-spaced if necessary. Put your name, followed by the city you live in, and optionally, your website address and/or email address (whatever you want the public to see), at the top left. Proofread this; it will be posted as is next to your work.

3. A resumé listing education, exhibitions, projects, whatever you think illuminating, in one page, single-spaced. This will be looked at after the work, just for background information, not as part of the evaluation procedure. (These may be in a notebook at the gallery.)

Guest Juror: Suzaan Boettger, Ph.D.

Art historian and critic, NYC

Exhibit will also be included in PR for San Francisco Open Studios, Sat. and Sun, Oct 19&20.

Questions? Contact:
Vickie Jo Sowell –